Since its inception in 1993 FAMS has continued to be developed and refined to best address the needs of agencies, funders, and consumers. Initially FAMS was developed to streamline and provide for the most efficient data management within a multi-service agency. This enabled Fayette County Community Action Agency Inc. (FCCAA) to significantly reduce redundant paperwork and provide for a more comprehensive and efficient service delivery to our clients.

Fayette County Community Action Green Building
fccaa freen building

FAMS has been recognized at both the state and national levels as providing the most complete and flexible Management Information Systems available to the human and community service network.

In the study: “Using Performance Management to Enhance Service Delivery in Self-Sufficiency Programs” published in September, 1999 by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Community Services, author Glenn Kamber defined and detailed “System Requirements” as they pertained to information systems and coordinated services of Community Action Agencies. These included requirements for:

• Client Intake and Screening
• Client Assessment and Service Planning
• Coordinated Service Delivery
• Evaluation and Reporting

Mr. Kamber found that “The CAA in Uniontown [Fayette County Community Action Agency] has done the most advanced information system engineering among agencies participating in this study. FAMS has almost all of the information system capabilities described above”.

Working with the Fayette County Family Service System Reform initiative, we have established the necessary infrastructure and legal considerations in order to link five human service agencies with FAMS.